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Samuel Ngendahimana ,The photographer
Samuel Ngendahimana ,The photographer

“Samuel Ngendahimana, is the professional photographer in Rwanda.He is the owner of this photojournalism website. He did photography courses in South Africa. He completed photojournalism courses with Thomson Reuters Foundation. He was awarded to be the photojournalist of the year 2013 in Rwanda. He participated in Photo Competition of LUGANO PHOTO DAYS IN Switzerland. Having worked with INTERNATIONAL LABOR ORGANIZATION(ILO) its office in Turin(Italy), the photographer has kept on rolling his dreams to work with big institutions.” Based in Kigali, He has been¬† working with The New Times Rwanda as Photojournalist at IZUBA RIRASHE¬† (August 2015- Feb 2018).and THE NEW TIMES newspapers.


Dear Readers and viewers of www.isurape.com, developing this website is so helpful to you all and the photographer as well. One of the most important aspects of your choice, is peace of mind. The proliferation of information and technology has made choosing the best photographer. To assist you in making the correct and perfect choice, ISURAPE takes pride in providing you some photographs of all kinds.

Besides, it is also our pride to help you, to better judge this profession in Rwanda through our website . Designed for ease of use of reference, the website contains some great photos that can sound very good to you.

As you continue to browse it, the more you will be assured of wisdom. We would like to invite you to use it for guide in order to experience more in the greatest photographs taken by the owner of this website.

All photographs on this website are the property of Samuel Ngendahimana, the owner of the web. The copyright is granted to @isurape.
The use of any photo of my web,without any permission, is illegal. And it is punishable by internal laws.

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