Amavubi atsindwa na Mozambique 3-2, kuwa 4 Kamena 2016 i Remera, Kigali (24)

Rwanda has continued to slide down in FIFA monthly rankings, dropping by 10 places in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola ranking released on Thursday at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.

Despite not playing a single game last month, Amavubi slipped to 121st place from 111th in last month’s ranking
Rwanda also remained third in the CECAFA region behind Uganda, that improved by four slots to 65th, and Kenya, that dropped two places to 88th.

Burundi (123rd) replaced Tanzania (124th) in the third place with Ethiopia (130th) in the fifth place. South Sudan (153th) is sixth, while Djibouti and Somalia are last, tied at 205.
Amavubi atsindwa na Mozambique 3-2, kuwa 4 Kamena 2016 i Remera, Kigali (5)

There was a slight change in the top ranked African teams with Algeria (32nd) topping the continent, while 35th-placed Ghana replaces Cote d’Ivoire (36th) in the second place. Senegal (41st) and Egypt (43rd) occupy the fourth and fifth places respectively.

Meanwhile, globally, the top five nations remain unchanged with Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Germany, and Chile taking the top 5 in that order.Amavubi atsindwa na Mozambique 3-2, kuwa 4 Kamena 2016 i Remera, Kigali (38)

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the best climber for the month, improved by 18 places to 99th while Cuba is the worst mover, having dropped by 30 places to 151st.

The list of games that Johnny McKinstry managed to roll

29/03/2015 FIFA Friendly Zambia 2-0 Rwanda
06/06/2015 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 0-0 Kenya
07/06/2015 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 2-0 Tanzania
14/06/2015 CAF Nations Cup Qual Mozambique 0-1 Rwanda
28/08/2015 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 3-1 Ethiopia
05/09/2015 CAF Nations Cup Qual Rwanda 0-1 Ghana
12/09/2015 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 0-1 Gabon
13/11/2015 FIFA World Cup Qual Libya 1-0 Rwanda
17/11/2015 FIFA World Cup Qual Rwanda 1-3 Libya
21/11/2015 CECAFA Cup Ethiopia 0-1 Rwanda
24/11/2014 CECAFA Cup Rwanda 1-2 Tanzania
27/11/2015 CECAFA Cup Rwanda 3-0 Somalia
01/12/2015 CECAFA Cup QF Rwanda 0-0 (5-3p) Kenya
03/12/2015 CECAFA Cup SF Rwanda 1-1 (4-2p) Sudan
05/12/2015 CECAFA Cup F Uganda 1-0 Rwanda
06/01/2016 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 1-1 Cameroon
10/01/2016 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 1-0 DR Congo
16/01/2016 CAF Nations Championship Rwanda 1-0 Ivory Coast
20/01/2016 CAF Nations Championship Rwanda 2-1 Gabon
24/01/2016 CAF Nations Championship Morocco 4-1 Rwanda
30/01/2016 CAF Nations Championship QF Rwanda 1-1 (1-2et) DR Congo
26/03/2016 CAF Nations Cup Qual Mauritius 1-0 Rwanda
29/03/2016 CAF Nations Cup Qual Rwanda 5-0 Mauritius
28/05/2016 FIFA Friendly Rwanda 0-2 Senegal
04/006/2016 CAF Nations Cup Qual Rwanda 2-3 Mozambique


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