Local Journalists in Nyungwe Forest National Park

The way tourism industry moves forward in Rwanda  immediately involves all citizens to play a role in tourism drive. Rwanda  the land locked country  always  relies on all kind of property  to  develop the nation entire.  This  commitment  sometimes confuses the partners. But it is the responsibility  of each citizen to consider that the development of  Rwanda is in  his hands , “this is the real time to exhibit  Rwanda”.

There is much need to revise how each citizen participates in encouraging visitors to come to Rwanda; how each citizens helps to encourage  the tourist to visit again or even to be  the narrator and ambassador of  Rwanda’s tourism industry. Besides, there is need to revise how to behave towards tourists; the customer care, service delivery and so much more.

If every responsible citizen stands up and say that it can work, then indeed, it can work. What is needed now is not projections; it is the implementation of different policies in tourism industry. As we say tourism industry  we just mean many businesses regarding tourism; hotels, restaurants, lodges, motels, tours operators, tourist sites, shops, bars, handcraft, traditional dance exhibitors, museums , churches and so on.


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