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Tour du Rwanda 2017 officials release names and numbers of riders

The 20 year old Mugisha speaks to the media after reaching the finish during the race to prepare Tour du Rwanda 2017. He won the 120 km race , that started from Nyanza to Rubavu last month.


Riders from different countries during Tour du Rwanda 2015 .


Rwanda Cycling Federation has released names of local and international riders who will start Tour du Rwanda on 12 November in Kigali.

With just two days left to the start of the 2017 Tour du Rwanda edition, Rwanda Cycling Federation (FERWACY) has confirmed the start list of riders who will be competing in the most exciting UCI 2.2 event which starts on November 12 until 19, 2017.

The Tour du Rwanda start list of 79 riders representing six national teams and eleven professional clubs has official race numbers, with defending champion Rwandan Ndayisenga Valens, currently with Austria’s Tirol Cycling team, taking the number one position.

Ndayisenga’s team mates Gamper Patrick, Knapp Daniel and Vermeulen Moran occupy the remaining top three starting slots.

Other teams to watch during this year’s edition include Dimension Data for Qhubeka which will be led by Eritrean Eyob Metkel alongside Rwandan dup of Areruya Joseph and Mugisha Samuel, Weldu Hafetab and South African De Bod Stefan.

Other teams to watch include Team Rwanda composed of Nsengimana Jean Bosco, Uwizeye Jean Claude, Byukusenge Patrick, Ukiniwabo Jean Paul Rene and Munyaneza Didier; Benediction club which will be composed of Hategeka Gasore, Nduwayo Eric,  Ruberwa Jean, Nizeyimana Alexis and Uwizeyimana Bonaventure among others.

Since 2014, Rwandans have dominated the annual competition.  In 2014, Valens Ndayisenga, who then was riding for Team Rwanda Kalisimbi, made history becoming the first Rwandan to win the annual race since it became part of UCI Africa 2.2 tour and in 2015, Jean Bosco Nsengimana, also riding for Kalisimbi claimed it.

Last year, Ndayisenga, riding for South Africa’s Dimension Data for Qhubeka, triumphed and in the process, became the first rider to win it more than once since it became an international race in 2009.

For this year, the Rwamagana-born rider will be racing for Austria’s Tirol Cycling team. Other Rwandan professional riders tipped to shine are; Samuel Mugisha and Joseph Areruya, who are contracted to Dimension Data for Qhubeka.

The big names that will likely race for local teams include; Nsengimana, Jean Claude Uwizeye, Bonaventure Uwizeyimana, Patrick Byukusenge and Gasore Hategeka.

The Tour du Rwanda has established itself as one of Africa’s major stage races and has helped a lot of African riders to develop themselves




1. Tirol Cycling Team

Two-time and reigning Tour du Rwanda champion Valens Ndayisenga is supposed to lead Tirol Cycling Team in Tour du Rwanda 2017.

1 Ndayisenga Valens

2 Gamper Patrick

3 Knapp Daniel

4 Vermeulen Moran


                                                   Dimension Data


Best climber of Tour du Rwanda 2017 captured along the solo break away ,during the race to prepare Tour du Rwanda

11 Eyob Metkel

12 Areruya Joseph

13 Mugisha Samuel

14 Weldu Hafetab

15 De Bod Stefan


                                                      Eritrea National Team


21.Okubamariam Tesfom

22. Musie Mehari Saymon

  •                                                23 Tsegay Amanueal
  •                                               24 Debretsion Aron
  •                                              25 Mebrahtom Natnael


                                                                       Rwanda National Team


(L-R) Jean Bosco Nsengimana, Patrick Byukusenge and Jean Claude Uwizeye will be riding for Team Rwanda


31 Nsengimana Jean Bosco

  •                            32 Uwizeye Jean Claude
  •                           33 Byukusenge Patrick
  •                           34 Ukiniwabo Jean Paul Rene
  •                           35 Munyaneza Didier


                                                                  BIKE AID

  • 41 Holler Nikodemus
  • 42 Kipkemboi Salim
  • 43 Kangangi Suleiman
  • 44 Langat Geoffrey
  • 45 Van Engellen Adne


                                                                   BENEDICTION CLUB


Rubavu based club riders in action during
  • 51 Hategeka Gasore
  • 52 Nduwayo Eric
  • 53 Ruberwa Jean
  • 54 Nizeyimana Alexis
  • 55 Uwizeyimana Bonaventure

Kenyan Riders SAFARICOM

  • 61 Kiplagat Kelvin Kiping’Etich
  • 62 Gathiambo Joshpat
  • 63 Kariuki John
  • 64 Kimutai Andrew
  • 65 Kipkemboi Kiplagat Cornelius





  • 71 Fournet Fayard Sebastien
  • 72 Clavel Sylvain
  • 73 Jeannes Mathieu
  • 74 Roux Nicolas
  • 75 Goudin Valentin


ALGERIE National Team



  • 81 Lagab Azzedine
  • 82 Mansouri Abderrahmane
  • 83 Mansouri Islam
  • 84 Lounis Mehdi
  • 85 Hamza Yacine


                                                                   ETHIOPIE National Team


  • 91 Giday Kibrom
  • 92 Gebremariam Fiseha
  • 93 Ebrahim Redwan
  • 94 Gebrewahd Tamrat Meresa
  • 95 Redae Tedros





  • 101 McPhaden Cameron
  • 102 Keeping Stephen
  • 103 Cusson Fradet Jules
  • 104 Wachtendorf Brelt
  • 105 Greene Edward


                                                LES AMIS SPORTIFS


Les Amis Sportifs riders Rugamba, Samuel Hakiruwizeye and Ephrem Tuyishimire will lead the team during Tour du Rwanda 2017


  • 111 Tuyishimire Ephrem
  • 112 Rugamba Janvier
  • 113 Uwingeneye Jimmy
  • 114 Hakiruwizeye Samuel
  • 115 Mfitumukiza Jean Claude


  • 121 Tybor Patrik
  • 122 Oros Samuel
  • 123 Foltan Adrian
  • 124 Mahdar Martin
  • 125 Palcak Josef

MAURITIUS National Team

  • 131 Rougier-Lagane Christopher
  • 132 Le Court de Billot Olivier
  • 133 Mayer Alexendre
  • 134 Lincoln Yannick
  • 135 How Saw Keng Mathew


  • 141 Avila Vanegas Edwin Alcibiades
  • 142 Mccutcheon Connor
  • 143 Piper Cameron
  • 144 Eastern Griffin
  • 145 Pellaud Simon

MAROC Nation Team

  • 151 AIT El bdia Anass
  • 152 Benouzza Hicham
  • 153 Sabbahi Lahcen
  • 154 Sabbahi El Houcaine
  • 155 Saber Lahcen


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