Keen observation is vital as when got onto the area—look left right, back and forward and mark your steps otherwise you get swallowed up in the maze of houses. Jumping skills were an added advantage if you wanted to avoid falling in the stinky trenches.

As you walked by residents mind their own business and careless about strangers save for the occasional stares at passersby. One eye-catching scenario that is forever imprinted in my mind was when I turned into a tiny corridor only to see some women cooking on their verandas while some children were easing themselves in the same trench that they poured their dirty cooking water. Well, that’s ghetto life.

It even gets better—someone told me that at night several ladies used to line up along several streets as sex workers. They hunted for customers as their sole source of income, and it was not surprising that most of these had to feed their families as there was no ample land for cultivation.

Ghetto life however, is not as bad as depicted; most of these slum dwellers had big hearts. They helped one another with every necessity from borrowing salt to food from neighbours. They too had plenty of friends and visitors, which is obvious from the happy smiles and tiny groups chatting away on their verandas or along the roads.


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