Two young girls who keep their sheep in Kinigi Sector Musanze District, Captured smiling as one of the two carries one sheep to show us how much she likes sheep


A landscape picture that shows a degraded terrain in Muhanga District



Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes. It lies on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda, and is in the Albertine Rift, the western branch of the East African Rift.Lake Kivu is approximately 90 km (56 mi) long and 50 km (31 mi) at its widest.[2] Its irregular shape makes measuring its precise surface area difficult; it has been estimated to cover a total surface area of some 2,700 km2 (1,040 sq mi).[citation needed] The surface of the lake sits at a height of 1,460 metres (4,790 ft) above sea level.This lake has a chance of erupting every 1000 years.[2] The lake has a maximum depth of 475 m (1,558 ft) and a mean depth of 220 m (722 ft), making it the world’s eighteenth deepest lake by maximum depth, and the ninth deepest by mean depth. 


Kalisimbi Volcano , the tallest one in Rwanda. Captured here from Bigogwe in Rubavu.


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