abana bo muri Kosovo  imvura yaba senyeye by Samuel Ngendahimana

“Move Off The Cave” a small book by Samuel Ngendahimana, tells  a story of overseas friendship between one boy and two families from abroad. The first approach of the young boy to each couple was significantly amazing.

Facing with any couple was a great achievement to him. He did not let any couple leave him without any note. One couple scribed their addresses in the boy’s shitty notebook. Other one noted down the assertions of remembrance.

As he targeted to keep on the friendship with them, he had to introduce himself as possible as he could. Having known that his voice should have been heard, the boy used to pray the couples to have time with him for deepening his introduction.

Both couples reacted positively to sit with him. The two couples allowed the young boy to express himself, but their feelings after hearing the boy , pushed them to remain with an open desire to take the talk into consideration.

Emotionally, they left the boy with a heartfelt love to become long term friends. Such amazing meetings always left the boy in the new era of his life.

After the departure, the boy rolled up telling them his daily life. The optimism to share with couples his ongoing daily life, had been a tick and sticker, to communicate one another and decide something big with him.

“Move Off The Cave” highlights the move from black to white. The couples only wished to see the boy living, but not surviving. Finally, the pipedream turned into reality.“What a goal!”

By Samuel Ngendahimana




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