Rwanda will begin mandatory vehicle emissions testing from January 2015 in an effort to improve air quality as well as the health and environment of all Rwandans. The testing is mandated by Prime Minister’s Instructions n°005/03 of 27/12/2013 preventing air pollution caused by vehicular emissions and machines using petroleum products.

From January 2015, all vehicles undergoing technical control at a Motor Vehicle Inspection Centre shall also undergo an emissions test. Vehicles that do not meet applicable emissions standards shall not be awarded the technical control certificate and will not be permitted to operate in Rwanda.

Rwandans and residents (especially owners and importers of vehicles and/or machines using petroleum products) should familiarise themselves with the requirements for emissions testing and prepare for the compliance to the standards.

The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) jointly with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA), the Rwanda National Police and the Rwanda Standards Board; is calling upon owners of vehicles and machines using petroleum products to use fuels in compliance with national standards, properly service their vehicles, as well as maintain their vehicles and machines in good working order, to meet the required emissions standards.

REMA also asks vehicle importers to take into consideration applicable standards for vehicles imported into Rwanda and ensure that the future importation complies with the emissions standards of the countries of origin. Importers and retailers of petroleum products are also reminded of the new East African Community standards, which stipulate that only low sulphur fuels (having less than 50 PPM); will be allowed on the regional market from January 2015.

Speaking on thenew measures, Director General of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority, Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, said: “Let us contribute to the preservation of our atmosphere and prevent air pollution related diseases by reducing dangerous emissions.”

Since 2008, Rwanda has been establishing new measures in terms of protecting environment.Like planting more trees, protecting lakes and marshlands, banning the use of plastic bags , educating people to take care of environment.. Rwanda is one among 5 countries all over the world that banned the use of plastic bags.

By Samuel Ngendahimana


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